Cyprus, Guide2 min read • Published on July 26th, 2018

The Best Festivals in Cyprus

Cyprus — an island rich in its history, culture, sandy beaches, quiet rural villages, and forested mountains with spectacular flora and fauna. You can discover this wonderful island and earn uncountable lovely experiences. Some exciting information about Festivals in Cyprus given below.

Limassol Carnival

Sing and dance the night away at the most dazzling carnival in Cyprus, the Limassol Carnival, held at beautiful Limassol! The colourful events include people singing songs, playing games, feasting, carnival processions and magical balls, among many others for ten whole days! The amazing first week includes the king’s Carnival entry and children’s fancy dress competition and it marks the meat week as well; the second week is called the cheese week of the festival. On the Sunday of the last week, a grand carnival parade takes place. During the festival period, the popular themes are pirates, clowns, dragons, cowboys, medieval knights, and ancient Greeks.

Green Monday

Green Monday is a public holiday in Cyprus and it is a picnic fiesta with traditional music, dance, songs, games and activities for children. It is followed by a fifty day fasting period. Green Monday is celebrated with outdoor tours where eating shellfish with a special kind of azyme bread “Lagana” is popularly done, and at the end of the day there is a rich traditional custom of flying kites. Many exciting events and a variety of other activities also take place in all the towns and villages.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday in Cyprus is an unforgettable moment for every traveller. If you decide to visit Cyprus in this period, it will be a remarkable experience for you! Easter Sunday is a feeling of good things, of happiness. On this day, you can treat yourself to the mouthwatering smells of traditional foods such as pastries and sweets. Actually, this festival is an amazing time for a new start where every person cooks, cleans, and buys new clothes for the Easter Sunday.

“Anthestiria” Flower Festival

The festival celebrates the rebirth of man and nature. It is inspired by an ancient Athenian festival that is takes place every 4 years to honour the God of theatre and parties. If you are a flower loving person, you will get a lovely and memorable experience by coming here.


The Flood Festival or Ktaklysmos takes place in Cyprus every year in June. This wonderful festival is waiting for you with unlimited entertainment. A variety of stalls, and competitions at the sea. An interesting thing, is the main focus of the festival, which is its water. Also, get ready to get soaked! All coastal cities in Cyprus organize games, concerts, and other events near the waterfront.

Limassol Wine Festival

Another one of the festivals in Cyprus is the wine festival. “Drink wine, it gives you life” this is the motto of the Limassol Wine Festival, which is the main attraction of thousands of tourists and locals. The Limassol Wine Festival is an annual event designed to celebrate Cyprus’s rich viticulture. This annual festival is held at the end of August and continues for 12 days.

Kypria Festival

Kypria is one of the most prestigious cultural events of the year and also the most important cultural festivals in Cyprus. It is held in September and October. The festival brings together some of the world’s best artists in the fields of dance, music, performance art, many of whom will also perform in various venues across Cyprus.