Cyprus, Guide2 min read • Published on July 26th, 2018

Cyprus Beaches: Most picturesque coasts of the island

Planning a vacation in Cyprus? Perfect for a short romantic getaway and a family get-together, Cyprus is full of surprises and beautiful Cyprus beaches. Here is a list of beaches you must visit.

Nissi Beach- Ayia Napa

If you are looking forward to taking in a piece of excitement with you, then Nissi Beach is your go-to hub. With clear waters reflecting the blue skies and white sands adorning the shores, this beach is a serene locale when it is not crowded. However, being the most happening beach in Ayia Napa, Nissi Beach is filled with perky travellers as well as natives working their tan or playing in the beach. You could unwind at one of the lively beach side bars in the evening or make a perfect day out of the numerous adventure sports options that Nissi Beach has to provide for you. If you want some quiet time here, then it is a little unrealistic because Nissi beach stands for wild fun.

Governor’s Beach- Limassol

Governor’s beach is the exact opposite of the vibes that you would get from Nissi Beach. This stretch of rocky beach is an introvert’s paradise with spots giving complete privacy. You could drive a rental car along the coast to reach Governor’s beach and head from the main road. Once you are off from the main road, the beach welcomes you with serenity and privacy like never before in Cyprus. Get your umbrella out and tan to your heart’s content. Feeling hungry? Head out to the main road to try some fresh catch of fish cooked to perfection.

Serena Bay- Protaras

A much smaller beach in comparison, Serena Bay is ideal for some short sea time. This scenic stretch might be small but nonetheless it is very iconic. Unwind in one of the wooden chairs and tables conveniently under leafy trees with the view of the beach.

Coral Bay- Paphos

Coral bay is a mix of liveliness and tranquillity. It is the perfect choice of Cyprus beaches for families with gentle tides ideal for kids to play around. Young couples and travellers along with families often enjoy some good time at Coray Bay. Looking for some adventure sports? Fret not, because Coral Bay has it all.

Aphrodite’s Rock and beach- Paphos

This beach looks like a dream come true especially during the sunset. Aphrodite’s rock and beach is a beautiful drive and when you reach it is a far more beautiful vision. You can laze around the pebbles and soak your feet at shallow waters because the popularity of this beach is its picturesque appearance. Also, one can spend their time here, that is one of the many mesmerizing Cyprus beaches, and some good food.