Cyprus, Villages2 min read • Published on July 26th, 2018

Best Villages in Cyprus: Where to discover the authentic side of the island

The splendid villages in Cyprus are the heart beat of the island! Historical heritage, natural beauty, eye-catching architecture, and traditional villages — everything makes Cyprus awesome. It is a multi-cultural country which has sparkling beaches, a pleasant climate, and fresh food. Let’s enjoy an exciting journey now to visit the best villages in Cyprus!


Are you an apple lover? If yes, you should definitely visit this magnificent village Kakopetria! Kakopetria is a village of the Nicosia district, which stands at a distance of about fifty five kilometres from the capital. You can get here superb quality apples. The unlimited natural beauty, endless green spaces, cool climate, Kargotis & Garillis Rivers, all are waiting for you in this heavenly village Kakopetria. You can visit your favourite museums, water mills, churches, and the most beautiful forests in Cyprus. However, your trip is never complete without taking the taste of the delicious, traditional dishes. Do not miss the mouthwatering freshwater trout!


An exceptional mountain resort which is built amphitheatrically on the peak of a hill. The village’s name, Lofou, means hill and is an important wine village of the ‘Ampelochoria’ area. You can get here a soft climate and territorial conditions which help people for the growth of vineyards. Visitors can enjoy excellent quality wine in this village that is very popular all over Cyprus. You can earn memorable experience to join in Palouze festival. Here, people make traditional sweets from grape juice; the festival is organized every year in September for four days.


Multiple wineries and authentic Cypriot stone houses give a vibrant look of the beautiful village Omodos. It is situated on the slope of the Trodos Mountains. Omodos is one of the spectacular villages in Cyprus, rich in cultural history, filled with souvenir shops, restaurants, café, and modern bars, all in the form of traditional buildings. You can visit the most attractive mill Linos, enjoy live music and dance and can collect very pretty hand made lace and jewellery.


A homeland of the island’s traditional embroidery, and listed in the thirty most attractive towns in Europe — this is the stunning Lefkara village. It presents folk art and tradition with an exceptional embroidery art work. The most amazing thing is that the patterns here have all been inspired by the environment and nature. Lefkara is a village on the island of Cyprus which is famous for its lace and silver handicrafts. What about Lefkara’s delicious food? “Tavas” which consists of meat, vegetable, and rice is available in the village restaurants… believe me; you would love to taste this dish as soon as possible!


The most gorgeous village Platres is located in the Limassol district, forty two kilometres northwest of the city, and close to the Troodos Mountain. Platres is waiting for its visitors with four exciting nature trails, the path of Pouziari, the path of Caledonia, the path of Myllomeri, and the bridge of Miliai. So, visit them and make your tour truly unforgettable! You can also add in your visiting list the village church, botanical garden, and many more things.