Cyprus, Guide, Food2 min read • Published on July 26th, 2018

Places to eat in Cyprus

Cyprus is every beach bum’s paradise with plush surroundings, romantic sunsets paired with sumptuous food. When it comes to food, Cyprus has quite a lot to offer. Moreover, most people often think that Cyprus would only offer Cypriot cuisine. Apart from Cypriot cuisines, one can also find Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian and Italian varieties. Here are some of the best places to eat in Cyprus.

Nicos Tyrimos

The restaurant is located at a less than romantic place but when it comes to food, Nicos Tyrimos serves the best. The octopus and squid here are worth dying for with a scrumptious mouth-watering taste. It is open for lunch and dinner every day. The meze platter would conveniently fill your stomach if you visit with your friends. The restaurant has an old world charm to it.


Located in both Nicosia and Limassol, Pyxida could easily pass for a fine dining restaurant if it wasn’t for the crowd that pours in for its delicious food. Yummy scaly fish for seafood meze melts in your mouth as you taste it. The restaurant is fairly priced and is open from 12.30–3 PM and 7.30–11PM every day.

Aquarium Bar Café

Situated conveniently on Larnana marina’s old pier, Aquarium Bar café is the perfect hangout spot and among the places to eat in Cyprus. Also, a great destination if you want unwind with good food and just sink into the everyday life and surroundings of Cyprus. You can dine indoors as well as outdoor on the boat and enjoy dishes ranging from meat to seafood.

The Balti House

The Balti House is located in Oroklini, Larnaca city and boasts of super spicy Indian food prepared by an authentic Indian chef who presents a fusion of Indian and Cypriot food in his dishes. The restaurant is a great place for hangouts and gatherings.

Ta Perix

Ta Perix is the best place to dig into meze in Paphos. The restaurant offers juicy dishes like quail eggs, agrelia or wild asparagus cooked to perfection. Their grilled quail and chicken liver with spicy cheese dip are something that you must experience. Ta Perix is very reasonably priced and is only open for dinner from Monday to Saturday.

Grada Tavern

This family run place boasts of carefully crafted Cypriot delicacies that are nothing but a taste of heaven. The best part about Grada Tavern is that their Meze comes with generous portions, convenient for a party to feast upon. Grada Tavern definitely needs more than one visit for its appealing food.