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Nicosia Cyprus: The Complete Guide

Nicosia Cyprus is the world’s last divided city. The Republic of Cyprus forms one-half of the city, home to Greek Cypriots; Northern Cyprus occupied by Turkish Cypriots lies on the other half.

On travel maps you will see, a green line drawn, to separate the two parts. Crossing to the north requires a Passport.

Things to Do in Nicosia Cyprus

Once you’re Nicosia, they are multiple things to in the Greek Cypriot area. It is the biggest town on the Island home of numerous attractions. There is no beach, but you will still have lots of activities to do.


Are you heading out for the night? Check the Zoo Club which is among the best clubs in the capital. Music is great, and the social diary is full of visiting DJs and bands. For a luxury club experience, full of glamour, head to Box 42, the countries newest venue. If you plan “A” fails; head out to Plan Be Night Club. With these great tourist-friendly clubs your set to go.

Lounges & Cocktail Bars

If you desire to skip the hustle, and bustle of the city, Garden Day & Night Lounge, is perfect. You can have dinner outdoors surrounded by palm trees under the moon’s glow.

AperitivoJetset Lounge is a top getaway for residents and visitors alike; it’s also highly rated. It is busy during the day with its buffet style menu and doubles as a bar at night.

An evening at Patio Cocktail Wine and Tapas Bar is one to remember. It has tasty treats and good music, making it hugely popular with regulars. Ithaki Bar is another must visit, opened back in 1998. Doors open at 9 pm. In Nicosia Cyprus, every day is a party!


Caffè Nero, in Nicosia, is just the place for an Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte. It also has an Italian styled menu.

Coffee Grind in Stavrou Street is another location for a drink, in Nicosia. With these three top cafes, expect top class service, delight and happy memories.

Rock Bars

Music fans can head to Neverland Rock Bar, dubbed the best in Cyprus; for classic and country music, and a great atmosphere. The Godfather Café Bar is a chilled out pub, at the centre of LaikiGitonia, which plays unique music. For the biggest music events in Nicosia check Rocka Roll.

Sites and Museums

There is no shortage of museums in the city. Start your tour at the well-curated Cyprus Museum for an overview of the Island’s history from the Neolithic age. The Kyrenia Gate, which one of the three gates used for entry in the ancient city of Nicosia, is a must-see site. You won’t miss it on a trip to the city.

You can also visit the Kykkos Monastery, built 900 years ago. The dress code is strict, men should not wear shorts, and women must cover their shoulders. For art aficionados, visit the Byzantine Museum, which has a rich collection of Byzantine art. The HadjigeorgakisKornesios Mansion where Greek bigwigs lived in ancient Cyprus is another historical site to visit.

Main Square

Makariou is a 2-kilometre street, located in the heart of Nicosia Cyprus. It is lined with hundreds of fashion stores, boutiques and supermarkets making it the best place for shopping. Ledras Square is another street in the central square suitable for dining and shopping.

For designer shops, you can visit the Stasikratous Street, home to many high-street brands. You can also have coffee and dine in the high-end restaurants lining the street.


Face it, you have to bring your kids on vacation, and museums may make them bored. If you’re itching for more fun and adventure, try karting, available at the Daytona Raceway.

For hiking, you have a selection of multiple locations in the Nicosia District. Visit the village of Agia Eirini. It has a beautiful 5km trail through a pine forest with views of the Morfou Bay. It connects to the Limeria trail, which has interesting historical hideouts used during the independence war in the 1950s.

The Kionia to ProfitisIlias trail is excellent for hill views. It starts at an elevation of 1200m going downhill. On the Livadi Circular 1.5km trail, located in the Troodos National Forest, you can explore the unique island’s vegetation.


Another fun pursuit, suitable for the whole family is ‘Escape the Room.’ In this activity, you have to flee from a locked room by solving puzzles. It is a must do activity highly recommend by the Nicosia Cyprus guide.

Head over to Kykkos Bowling with your kids for a fun family outing. It has 16 bowling lanes, a restaurant and coffee shop. Another great place for kids is Riverland Farm with canoeing. For a full day, your children will learn about organic farming and go hiking.

What to Eat

In Nicosia, there is no shortage of both traditional and modern facilities for the hungry traveller. You are bound to find restaurants and eateries in every street. For the best exotic dining experience, this Nicosia Cyprus guide recommends:

Piatsa Gourounaki

Ranked as the best according to Trip Advisor reviews be sure to visit it for some tasty barbeque at low prices.

Souxou Mouxou Mandalakia

Has a nice ambience, quality meals, wine, tuna and more. Everything is superb, and prices are befitting of the service.

Moondogs Grill & Bars

The facility has excellent décor matched with quality meals. You can watch live football matches whilst drinking beer.

Artisans Burgers

A modern cuisine restaurant for gourmet burgers, open throughout the week.

Imperial Chinese Nicosia

A Cantonese restaurant with tasty lunch meals opened from Wednesday to Sunday, but remains closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

To Koultouriariko

Another location for some tasty traditional Cypriot meze.

Tsipouraki Mezedaki

Located in Nicosia’s Old Town; you can find traditional mezes and enjoy them on the wooden tables strewn across the pavement outside the facility.

The legal drinking age in the Island is 17. You will be considered DUI if your alcohol level is 22 μg per 100 ml of breath.

How to Move Around

In Nicosia Cyprus, don’t stay in one place; be sure to explore and unearth hidden the gems of the city. Most residents own up to 3 cars, and no one likes walking. You can use the following means of transport:


Buses can get you to any location you want on the Island: There are intercity, rural, and night buses you can use. For a listing of the routes follow this link; or call (8000 77 44). More information on the bus routes and to buy tickets; follow this link:


Taxis are necessary for airport and port transfers. The government regulates prices; you will find standard rates charged by different operators. This Nicosia Cyprus guide recommends Lambros Patsalides (call 99 747648), Taxi Expert Transfer (call 22 055500), and Taxi Cyprus (call 22 252251).

Rent Vehicles

Do yourself a big favour by hiring a car. It will serve you in all aspects; prices range from €25 daily in winter and €50 during summer. For convenient car hire link up with; Yourway Cyprus Car Hire (tel 22 456450), Cyprus Car Rental (tel 22 456450), Prime Car Hire Cyprus (tel 22 459944).


Parking in the capital doesn’t have to be a headache. You can park your rental at; Ledras Parking, Omeriye Parking, Solomos Square Parking, and “Tafros” Parking.

Where to Stay

Accommodation is available to fit any budget. You can find a place to stay in city’s outskirts and within the capital. Citizens are friendly and will make great hosts.

Guest houses

You can cut on costs if you’re planning on an extended vacation by staying at guest houses available here:


There hundreds of hotels in Nicosia Cyprus including 5-stars such as Hilton. You can find accommodation, with free Wi-Fi, toiletries, parking and more by following this link:


Holidays spent in villas are comfortable, and you will live just like the locals. You cook your meals, shop for groceries, among other things. For villas in Nicosia follow this link:


These are great options which will make your stay worthwhile. Though there are smaller compared to villas, you can make them a second home: Find a nice safe place to stay by following this link:

How Is the Culture

Locals are friendly, welcoming and speak English or Greek. Also, prices are low compared to other top flight destinations in Europe. You can show courtesy by tipping at 10% for excellent service. You can shop from 09:00–13:00, take a well-deserved break and resume from 14:30–19:30. On Wednesday and Saturday shops open from 09:00–14:30.

In the summer (April-September) shops open at 16:00–20:30 in the afternoon on weekdays. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, you can buy from 09:00–16:30. You can party on Friday and Saturday from midnight to 4 am.

Public services accessible from 07:30–14:30 from Monday to Friday. You drive on the left side of the road, and the currency used is euros. Plugs are UK style.

Stay connected

To call anyone in the country; the dialing prefix is 357. For internet connectivity, you can use EU roaming services provided by your mobile provider. Alternatively, you can buy a SIM card from kiosks. Some offer free data.

In case of any emergency contact:

• Larnaca General Hospital –tel 22603000

• Larnaca Police Station –tel 22 802380