World, History2 min read • Published on July 26th, 2018

Top UNESCO World Heritage places

World is full of UNESCO World Heritage places and sometimes we may have hard time finding the ones really worth of visiting. Right now there is a little over one thousand UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world so visiting all of them wouldn’t be possible for normal holiday travellers. Here are 4 interesting and popular sites to check out.

Stonehenge — United Kingdom

Maybe one of the best-known World Heritage sites but also touristy place to visit. Despite Stonehenge being difficult to access and having too many tourists whenever you visit. Moreover, it is one of those places everyone should go at least once in their life time.

If you are one of those few who have never heard about Stonehenge, here is short explanation: Stonehenge is like the name suggests made of stones. The huge monument dates back to over 3000 BC and is still big mystery for researchers.

Painted Churches in Troodos Region — Cyprus

During recent years huge mural paintings have once again risen to popularity. In the 2000s murals are often modern and graffiti-like but on these old churches you can see more traditional mural paintings. If you are art-lover, these churches are impressive UNESCO destination to visit. These 10 churches can be found from Troodos region in Cyprus.

Interestingly, they are culturally important in Cyprus but also in whole Europe. Seen from outside the churches may seem ordinary but once you step inside be prepared to hold your breath. Most of the paintings tell stories from bible and surprise all people from any religion alike.

Great Barrier Reef — Australia

In addition to historic and cultural destinations UNESCO has natural heritage sites. Great Barrier Reef in Australia is one of the most colorful ones of them. Go for diving tour and see unique corals, fish and sea animals.

The underwater paradise is usually even named as one of the seven wonders of the world but because of tourism its natural corals are in danger. Even better reason to visit as soon as possible.

Hanseatic city of Visby — Sweden

UNESCO World Heritage places list includes many cities and towns so list of a top World Heritage destinations wouldn’t be complete without one historic city. Visby is small town is ancient merchandise center that started to grow thanks to the German Hanseatic League.

Former Viking city is the best preserved Northern European town with safety forts from 12th to the 14th century. It’s narrow streets and idyllic buildings make it one of the must-see UNESCO Heritage Destinations.