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Cyprus Buses - Things to Know

Cyprus is place for romantics and hardcore tourists, as it is dotted with castles, churches, monasteries, mosaics, white-sand beaches and the bluest of seas. In fact, legend states that Marc Antony thought the island is so fragrant that he gave it to Cleopatra, and Richard the Lionheart, briefly put down his crossbow to marry right here. And how can you miss out on the Troodos Geopark, which is a famous attraction and top draw for tourists.

Bus transport times usually change during peak season (June to October). Public-transport frequency decreases, together with tourist demand, during off-peak times. This is particularly problematic with mountain destinations, where the Cyprus Buses sometimes don’t run at all. So before departure in quieter months please check all transport times via the bus company’s website.

Cyprus Buses

  • Single ticket for short distance cost about 1.50€.
  • Single ticket for short distance cost about 5.00€.\ Bus companies were acquired by the state in 2010 and are now controlled by the government.
  • Get to the bus stand slightly in advance as per the starting time.
  • If you need disability assistance, it is available in urban Cyprus buses only.


The capital city of the Republic of Cyprus is teeming with cultural significance. It is a curious and fascinating mix of vibrant street life, confronting division and rich history. Sights of interest mostly lie within the snowflake-shaped Venetian walls. Inside the Old City, the lively, contemporary cafe and bar scene punches well above its weight for a city so small, while a bundle of museums and a series of looping lanes lined with colonial-era buildings, churches and mosques reveal an evocative history.

Details are stated below:

Info:\ Phone: 7777 7755


If you are looking to rest and relax and have good time, then your destination is undoubtedly Larnaca, which is one of the premier seaside resorts in Cyprus. The beach is backed by a seafront promenade lined with swaying palm trees and overlooked by a squat fort. Don’t miss the beautiful Agios Lazaros (Church of St. Lazarus) and an atmospheric and crumbling Turkish quarter where Larnaca’s famous ceramic artisans have set up shop. The city has a laid-back vibe that sets it apart from the more bustling centers of Limassol and Paphos. You can go south down the coast to some of the island’s best beaches and inland to the quaint villages and attractions of the Maheras forest region as well.

Here is some information for your assistance:

Info:\ Phone: 8000 7744

Ayia Napa / Protaras

Scattered with idyllic beaches like those featured in the movies, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting or lying down on the powdery white sands that characterize Protaras and Ayia Napa. But if you really want a spot to call your own, the months of April and May are an absolutely great time to visit the area. The history and culture is also a top draw, while Waterworld Waterpark and Ocean Aquarium is a must-visit if you have kids.

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Info:\ Phone: 8000 5200


Limassol is Cyprus’ second-largest city, which is frequented by a wide range of tourists, from those interested in sun and sand vacations to those who love to explore the island’s culture at its museums and sites of archaeological interest. This large seaside resort on Akrotiri Bay on the sunny southern coast offers lively nightlife and a slew of energetic festivals. A cluster of cafes and bars lines the bustling seafront so you are never out of options. Accommodation options range from villas and self-catering apartments to luxurious hotels.

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Info:\ Phone: 7777 8121


Paphos is out in the far west of Cyprus where the mountains meet the sea. There are two distinct sectors: Ktima, the stately old town, uphill and inland, where there are elegant colonial houses and several museums; and Kato Paphos, the main tourist area of restaurants, souvenir shops, low-rise apartments and a few British pubs scattered around the harbor.

For more information, take a look below:\ Info:\ Phone: 8000 5588

Long Distance

No one wants to sit in a hotel room when they are on vacation. So how do you go on long distance tours? Don’t worry — there is adequate transport available at all times.

Check out the list of intercity Cyprus buses below:

Info:\ Phone: 8000 7789


Hitching a ride to your hotel from the airport is easier said than done, especially if you arrive during the tourist season when it is very crowded. It is advisable to study the routes in advance and book your spot on a shuttle before you arrive.

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Info:\ Phone: 24 008718