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Discover first hand Cyprus' exceptional beauty and amazing cultural heritage. Be welcomed at the airport from the begging of your journey. Then stay in two different traditional stonehouses, oen in the highland village of Palaichori and the other in the lowland village of Lympia. Plan as many days of your staying to have me guiding you over the most impressive parts of the Cypriot culture, historical sites protected by UNESCO and diving into the islands' local life and food.


Explore Cyprus' mixture of cultural and historical elements from a plethora of activities. Each uniquely reflects a different aspect of the island.
A great idea would be to visit Stavrovouni monastery near Pyrga village in Larnaca. Alternatively, you can go exploring in the national geopark in the Troodos Mountains or go fishing at the Arminou reservoir in Paphos.


Ismini's Stonehouse
Palaichori village Stone house accommodation in Cyprus
Isminis stonehouse, built about 100 years ago, is one of the best places to relax and get to know Cyprus customs and tradition at the same time.
Tzionis Stonehouse
Lympia village Stone house accomodation in Cyprus
Tzionis Stonehouse, built about 80 years ago, is an exceptional mixture of village life and modernity. It is located in the heart of Cyprus and constitutes the perfect place to start any journey in the island.

Airport Pickup

I will be happy to pick up all visitors from either Larnaka International Airport or Paphos International Airport. After meeting up at the airport we will move to your first accommodation. Unless requested otherwise this is going to be Tzionis Stonehouse in Lympia.
From Larnaca's airport is going to be a 20 minutes drive to the accommodation. In the case of Paphos airport that is going to be 1 hour and 30 minutes.

More Options

It is understandable that visitors have a wide range of interests. I can make up for this by tailoring the current activities to better suit your interests and needs.
Alternatively, I can include different activities to the daily programme so that your holidays are an ideal mixture of new experiences and relaxation.


Hi, I'm George, I'm born and raised the traditional way in Lympia village in Cyprus. I love showing people around and introducing them first-hand to what I know and love about Cyprus.

I'm a happy member of a big family. We have two sons with my wife, one daughter and a crazy dog called "Oliver". As I studied in Austria, I fluently speak German and English.


Get the chance to explore Cyprus' cultural, historic heritage and traditions in a plethora of excursions and activities.
Book a 7-days holiday with breakfast along with four excursions days* from €549 per person for groups of 4 to 6 people and €689 per person for groups of 2 to 4 people!
*Excursions days include breakfast and launch with drinks at no extra cost.
Note: More excursions can be added to your holidays for an additional cost.

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